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Can Keratin Treatments Be Done On Natural Hair?

Have you ever been curious about what keratin looks like on natural hair? Did you then search for pictures of what a keratin treatment looks like on natural hair only for your search return results that returned images of Caucasian or Asian women with curls that didn't look like yours?

Here's a quick guide on keratin treatments and and some of answers to the questions you may have about this treatment.

Keratin treatment on natural hair

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that makes up 90% of our hair's structure; it is also found in our skin and nails. Keratin treatments are marketed as a smoothing or anti-frizz treatment for hair.

There are a variety brands that make keratin treatments and the keratin can be sourced from either plants or animals or be proprietary. For example, some keratin treatments use sheep's wool while others use hydrolyzed wheat protein or a proprietary form of keratin, such as GK's Juvexin.

The main benefits include smoothing of the hair and reduced frizz giving a straight and shiny finish to the hair. However, on a structural level, it deposits keratin to the hair strands, filling in areas of depleted keratin. This strengthens and rejuvenates the hair in the process.

Can A Keratin Treatment Be Done On Curly/Kinky Hair?

As mentioned above, all hair is made of keratin so even though keratin treatments appear to be reserved for looser curl patterns, it can indeed be used on curly or tightly coiled hair. The main difference is that wavier hair textures can get bone straight based on the technique and brand of keratin, while curlier hair types may only notice a slight loosening of the natural curl pattern.

Some benefits of keratin treatments on tighter curls and coils include:

  • Improved manageability, which makes styling and detangling easier. This also makes flat ironing your own hair easier.

  • Hair dries faster.

  • The ability of the hair to fight humidity, making it remain straighter for longer.

Does Keratin Permanently Straighten Your Hair?

Once done correctly, a keratin treatment should not leave your hair straight permanently. A keratin treatment smooths your hair temporarily and your hair reverts once it is wet. A keratin treatment does not break the same bonds as a relaxer, but if excessive heat is used during the treatment, it can lead to heat damaged hair . This means that even after a shampoo, your hair may remains straight.

Do All Keratin Treatments Contain Formaldehyde?

Some keratin treatments contain formaldehyde or ingredients that produce formalin (formaldehyde) fumes once heat is applied to the hair. In recent times, with continued research and innovation, safer substitutes such as glycolic acid are being used to achieve the smoothing effect.

A key indicator that a keratin treatment contains formaldehyde, is that it may irritate or burn your eyes, nose and/or throat.

Keratin treatments that contain formaldehyde usually ask that you:

  • Don't pin or tie your hair up for 24-72 hours

  • Wear your hair straight for 24-72 hours

  • Refrain from wetting your hair for 24-72 hours

  • Return to the salon to shampoo hair after 24-72hrs

I recommend that you book a consultation with your hairstylist to see if a keratin treatment is right for you. You can also ask about the brand of keratin treatment that she uses.

To read more on the effects of formaldehyde, click here.

Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have in the comments below and click here to book a consultation with me.

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