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Product Spotlight - Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-in Conditioner

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Let me begin by saying that I am always very leery of products that claim to do everything for everyone and this product does that exactly! Mizani's 25 Miracle Milk is a leave-in conditioner that lists 25 benefits of using this product on the back of the bottle.

I am a skeptic by nature, so the benefits honestly read like an undergrad student trying to make the word count for an assignment, by saying the same thing in different ways, repeatedly. However, I can conclude that they did make good on the majority of their claims, after using it on myself and my clients.

Product Description

For All Texture Types. Our nourishing best-selling leave-in conditioner provides a protective shield against heat damage and primes waves curls and coils for a perfect frizz-free finish.

Product Usage

Apply this leave-in conditioner whenever needed to clean, damp hair to easily detangle and style.

These are some of the major product claims:

  • Detangling: One of the main things I use this product for is detangling and if you're currently rocking your natural hair, you know the pain and frustration that can accompany a detangling session.

  • Tip: I suggest that you section your hair after rinsing out the conditioner (into however many sections that are manageable for you). Then go through each section and make sure to spray the Miracle Milk on the middle to the ends of your hair. Gently detangle with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends and working your way up to your roots.

  • Heat Protectant: Most times after shampooing a client's hair or even my own hair, after blotting the excess water with a towel, I blow the hair out on medium heat and I use this product before doing so. Heat damage is a naturalista's worst nightmare, so protecting your hair from any degree of heat is highly recommended. The product also speeds up the blow-drying process making it easier and saving you time.

  • Tip: As mentioned above, use my 'divide and conquer' technique. Ensure that you remove any excess water from the hair before spraying each section. Blow dry one section at a time. You can either use a comb attachment on your blow-dryer, a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb. Always remember to start from your ends and work your way up the hair to the roots.

  • Balancing porosity: Hair porosity is an often overlooked when dealing with your hair, with most of the emphasis being placed on your hair type. However, your hair's porosity (the ability of the hair to retain moisture). This is perfect for anyone that has high porosity hair (hair that does not retain moisture) such as persons with colour treated hair, relaxed hair, texturized hair etc. This definitely helped to stop some breakage I experienced after I coloured my hair and was wetting it every other day.

  • Curl/hair refresher: The Mizani 25 Miracle Milk refreshes your hair by giving it a moisture boost and helps with dryness. It also adds a natural shine to make your curls and twists look fresher. This is the perfect product if you wear natural styles like afro puffs, a wash and go, two strand twists or even if you have a TWA (teeny weeny afro ).

  • Tip: This product is perfect for those styles where your natural hair is out and exposed to the elements. You can spritz your hair every other day to moisturize and add a light sheen to your hair. The Mizani 25 Miracle Milk leaves your hair soft and moisturized for a good portion of the day.

  • Tames frizz/flyaways: The product claims to seal your cuticles and sealed cuticles helps to smooth your hair strands so your hair doesn't frizz and stick out.

The Miracle Milk does a really good job but it's sister product, the Miracle Cream is absolutely perfect for tighter curls and coils. Hair that is extremely curly is by nature drier than wavy or straight hair, so the thicker and richer formula of the Miracle Cream gives that extra moisture and slip that is needed for added moisture and easy detangling.

I recommend the use of the Miracle Milk if you have relaxed hair or very fine natural hair and the Leave-in Cream if you have curly or extremely curly natural hair. The Miracle Cream may be too heavy if used on straight or relaxed hair and will result in your hair looking limp or heavy.

You can purchase this product online by clicking this link, curbside pickup is the only shipping option at the moment.


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